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LED LightsLight Emitting Diodes as they are called LEDs are very fast emerging technology in lighting is considered as a brilliant technology breakthrough after the EDISION light two centuries ago. They are semi conductors, tough and do not fail, last 100,000 hours of use besides consuming very low currents of electricity either from the grid or from battery DC sources. Worldwide major companies are concentrating and investing huge sums of money in developing better LEDs and LED based products.
The combination of solar energy, rechargeable batteries, and LED lighting can create light sources that provide the same or more amount of light as traditional incandescent bulbs but with much lower power consumption, longer life, faster response and smaller size.

THRIVE® Solar loves to bring this technology to the needy

Bringing technology closer to the poorThrive Solar brings this technology to the homes of poor and middle class that is otherwise preferred to be employed in lighting a Boeing aircraft, or back lighting the high end televisions. We use 0.2 watts for study light, 0.4 watts for mini light and 1.0 watt for portable home light and 4 watt for tube light replacement light for homes and 12 watts for a powerful street light. These measures are extremely energy conserving at the same time providing enough if not 20 times more light than the kerosene wick lamps or equal light of a 40 watt tube light for street light applications.
Similarly Thrive Solar deploys crystalline solar cells 1 watt for study light, 1.0 watt for mini light and 3 watt for portable light and 37 watt for street light. But, it achieves a 10 hrs of continuous light in study light, 10 hrs in a mini light and 30 hrs in a portable light and 7 days of continuous light in a street light even when the sun is not there for that long.
We deploy the state of the art micro processors from MICROCHIP in all our products and make the lights work the way that is better for saving energy and giving a long and comfortable life to the LED, battery and other electronics.

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