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Village Energy Kiosks®

Energy Kiosk in UP operated by a woman entrepreneurThrive® Solar has successfully implemented 200 solar Village Energy Kiosks® that provide central charging, employment and reliable service to the village community. Now it is implementing 200 Village Energy Kiosk® project in UP with the support of MNRE. Each kiosk is modular and can support upto 100 families with 3 LED lights each.

Village Energy Kiosk - Charging DockKiosk Operation – Salient Features of the system

  • One Kiosk can service 100 to 300 or more lights.
  • Easily identifiable placement and clear branding
  • Members (End-users) deposit the discharged lights in the morning and collect the charged lights the same evening – either once in a week or on a fixed particular day of the week. 
  • Users pay upto 20 rupees a month for a good full charge and maintenance of the light.
  • Daily MIS reporting done through SMS.
  • Solar, Grid, or Hybrid – as per availability
  • KIOSK financed from any available employment Schemes, or from local Grameen Bank
Please contact for full proposal. 

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