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Solar Photovoltaic

Thrive Solar has a specialized solar photovoltaic’s division housed in a separate building in Charlapally industrial area 
Solar PanelsWith 10,000 sft production space, 60 member full time workforce, full fledged machinery made of 5 laminators, two solar cell cutters, module and cell testers, Thrive Solar has capacity to meet regular/large immediate demand for small watt solar panels. 
Thrive Solar specializes in offering small watt panels and produces huge quantity of small watt panels for its internal consumption and sale to outside light makers and traders. (for example, 300,000 panels are made in last 12 months in different wattages) 
Thrive Solar is probably the only company in India making specialized 0.5 WATT panels with special frame and cable arrangement. 

Solar Panel

Again 1 watt and 3 watt panels are its main production and consumed internally. These panels are customized for the clients use and always-good efficiency is achieved in compact sizes. 
All the cables and pins are the own dyes of Thrive Solar. 
Thrive Solar takes pleasure to supply the solar modules for engineering student’s projects in various voltage configurations.

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