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Cyclone Phailin: Thrive Solar service centres come up in affected areas in Odisha

Yet to recover fully from the hurricane which hit the State in 1999, Odisha was struck once again by the fury of the tropical cyclone, code named Phailin, in October 2013, affecting a whopping 850000+ people from 140000+ villages. Though due to advanced warning signals, most of the areas with the highest probability of being hit were evacuated in time saving costly lives, the cyclone tore through the villages, uprooting trees, power lines, and rooftops of houses, causing catastrophic damage to property and infrastructure facilities. The large scale innundation of these areas in the aftermath made matters worse.
Several organizations came to the aid in relief operations and with lighting problems during night being a major issue, decided to provide LED Home Lighting systems to thousands of affected families. Thrive Solar has provided thousands of portable Solar LED Homelighting systems to these organizations as part of Cyclone Relief operations in Odisha.

Update: View a brief case study by one of our partners -  Solar light brought smile in the village

To ensure smooth and trouble free operation of the lights and logistical support Thrive Solar has setup several LED Light Servicing and Maintenance centres to cater to the needs of the endusers. The service kiosks have been positioned at strategic locations almost at the doorstep of the end users, mainly in areas such as Ganjam, Puri, Nimmapara, Kendrapara, Balasore, and Jaleshwar which have been majorly affected by the storm.
Ganjam Service Center

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