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Uttarakhand Flood Relief: Thrive Solar sets up LED Light servicing kiosks across the state

Heavy rains which lashed the North Indian hilly state of Uttarakhand during June 2013 caused flash floods and land slides which left a trail of widespread destruction never seen before. Hundreds of structures were reduced to rubble causing heavy loss to life and property, and left tens of thousands of pilgrims stranded. Lack of electricity supply in the villages and rescue camps has made life extremely difficult for the survivors, especially at night.
As part of the disaster relief operations underway in flood affected areas of Uttarakhand, several major organizations have taken the initiative to provide Thrive Solar's protable Solar LED Home Lighting to thousands of affected families to help them survive through the harsh conditions post sunset.
To ensure trouble free operation of the systems and provide required servicing and maintenance, has setup LED Lighting Service Centres in strategic locations across the State in locations such as Tehri Gharwal and Uttarkashi. Locally available manpower such as rural entrepreneurs, shop keepers, etc., who are ready to help with the servicing and maintenance of these lights have been identified and thoroughly trained by our technical teams and armed with the required tools and spares.
2 Servicing centres are fully operational and more will be commissioned shortly.

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