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Dealership Opportunities for Assam and West Bengal

Thrive Solar is a Crisil rated, ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer of Solar Photovoltaic and LED Lighting systems in India and an approved channel partner of MNRE under the JNNSM scheme, with 13 branches in India and with a presence in 12 countries across the globe.
With plans of extending our services and produts to the the people living in far reach areas of Assam and West Bengal which are riddled with power cuts and lack of grid-connectivity, Thrive Solar is providing an unique opportunity to individuals and businesses from Assam and West Bengal to associate with us as a dealer of our solar photo-voltaic and LED lighting products for a limited period of time.
If you are keen to learn more about this please contact us through our Dealership Enquiry Form or give a call to +91-8688998877 (week days 9:30AM to 9:30PM)

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