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Thrive Solar donates Solar LED Street Lights under CSR to Kala Ashram Adilabad

Thrive Solar donated Solar LED Street Lights to Kala Ashram, Adilabad under its CSR activity. Kala Ashram, founded in 1979 by Shri Ravindra Sharma fondly known as ‘Guruji’ is a place for convergence of Indian culture, heritage, rural social-economics, art, science and anything that is associated with India and the way of life thats naturally led by people.

The lights were showcased recently during one of the Ashrams events on 14th November 2016 which was graced by the presence of eminent persons the likes of Shri. Giriraj, IAS, Finance Secretary, Maharashtra.

Thrive Solar contributed 50 Solar Mini Lights to be provided to poor pensioners and disabled persons from Chirala, Andhra Pradesh as part of a GETA initiative

Gandhi Education & Training Associates, 'GETA' is an organization focused on educational counseling, career counseling, self-employment counseling, and placement services to the people of Chirala and near by towns in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh, India.

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