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Why Us: Our Speciality

Only company in the world making complete range of LED lighting products for the poor such as the Study Light for Children, and Mini Lights with Solar Panles for Mothers starting from Indian Rs.499 and above, to large mega watt solar power plants for dedicated or grid feeding use. Thrive Solar has 14 types of lighting products to serve every need.
The lighting products are all through innovative design and never modified from older products. The shape, size, reflection and handling are all based on user requirements and designed from fresh and never adopted from a CFL lantern or from a hand torch etc.
Thrive Solar makes most of the parts in-house, except the LEDs and battery. The casing moulds are all owned by the company.
Solar Cell TabbingCasings and MouldingsSolar Cell Alignment
The company has independent, full fledged divisions for community projects, carbon credit’s related work, street lighting, solar power packs among others.

THRIVE Kenya Service Centre

Thrive Solar as committed to servicing the poor and firmly believes in giving the best quality lights by making it with the best quality components (Nichia LEDs, microchip processors and like)
Thrive Solar has again committed to providing unmatched service and always upgraded and repaired the lights supplied by it till now. Thrive Solar provides a trained manpower and service center before it sells or distributes lights, either it is Haiti or Kenya or Afghanistan, Thrive Solar always established the service support before the actual lights sale/distribution.
Accendo Programme in Manipur through VVD MicrofinanceThrive Solar believes in customized financing mechanisms to help the poor to acquire and own the light. It works mostly with micro finance organizations, women groups, rural banks, NABARD, SIDBI and host of other organizations committed to working with the poor. As such Thrive Solar does not sell the lights in shopping malls or in home depots in metros.

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