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Village Solar Energy Centre Programme for Rural Poor

MoU Signing with Rajiv Gandhi FoundationThrive Solar entered in to an MoU with one of the largest NGOs in North India, RGMVP. As part of the programme, with the help of the RGMVP field officers who help form Self Help Groups ( SHGs ), Thrive Solar sets up Village Solar Energy Centers and provides employment to one female youth from each village to manage the Solar Energy Kiosk.
Thrive Solar facilitates the SHGs to obtain loan from a Rural bank to buy the Solar Lights which are re-charged at the Village Solar Energy Centre. Thrive Solar gives 3 years product and service warranty and implements the same through a strong service team.

Offer under Village Solar Energy Center

Accendo offer under Village Solar Energy Center
  • The villagers are briefed about the product and services being offered by Thrive Solar.
  • The SHGs propose to the Bank to process their Loan for buying the Solar LED lights.
  • Bank processes the loan and pays Thrive Solar for Setting up of Village Solar Energy Center and providing the villagers 2 Solar LED lights with 3 years warranty. 

Thousands of poor families benefit through the Village Solar Energy Center Progamme in Uttar Pradesh, one of the largest Indian States.

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