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Provision of Solar LED Study Lights for Children through the OneChildOneLight™ Initiative

An initiative by Dr. Ranga, Founder & MD of Thrive Solar and a group of other like-minded individuals One Child One Light (OCOL) is a mission to support every underprivileged child's right to education by giving a safe, clean and low cost Solar LED study light that can be recharged easily using solar panels. OCOL’s Solar LED Study Lights help children study in a bright and pollution free environment, away from dangers due to burn accidents and the drudgery of using dirty and polluting kerosene lamps resulting in increased study hours during the night. 
So far, with the help of various partners and sponsors, nearly 6,50,000 School Children have benefited from the OCOL Programme and are helping conserve nearly 2 Million Litres of Kerosene and preventing 5000 Tonnes of CO2 emissions every month. 
Networking with large NGOs such as Education Park, Bhikangaon, Madhya Pradesh has resulted in large scale implementation of the initiative where nearly 1,00,000 children would benefit through a unique, first-of-its-kind model where Thrive Solar would provide the Solar Study Lights at a highly discounted price, the beneficiaries would contribute 50% of the cost and the rest would be funded by a donor.
The programme aims to reach nearly 10 crore children with the help from NGOs, Funding Agencies, Government and social philanthropists.

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