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Assembly Centres

Thrive Solar has plans to set up around 500 solar LED lights manufacturing and assembly centers in India to help empower women, provide local employment, increase the work skills and provide for kerosene free and well lighted rural India. Each assembly center facilities the assembly of lights and sales with less manpower and capital where each SHG unit consisting of a staff of 3-5 members assembles 50-200 Solar LED Lights per day on an average, using training and kits provided by Thrive Solar. 

Promoting local production in a block or a large village

Although on a large scale, lights (almost 1000 Million+ for all varieties) can always be produced in large factories like mobile phones and others, we believe in promoting their production in small block HQ or large village through women groups, cooperatives, federations and others.  

Advantages of this approach include...

  1. Empowering women's groups with technology, finance and with host of other skills. 
  2. Imparting knowledge of production, business and host of other formalities of doing quality work will spin off into other businesses by the women or their peers. 
  3. Making service and maintenance support available to the customers locally from the manufacturer themselves or their trained village level technicians. 
  4. Simplified production processes.
  5. The required capital is reasonable.
  6. The space and power requirements are also limited.
  7. They can easily market the products in their area/block/district. 
  8. With little training any unskilled women groups can start producing the lights.


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