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Innovative Business Models

Employment generating energy kiosk for villagesThrive Solar believed from the beginning that key to delivering an innovative and sustainable solution at the bottom of the pyramid involves keeping the supply chain as short as possible by avoiding middlemen. It also believes in customized financing mechanisms to help the poor to acquire and own the light. Hence, Thrive Solar works mostly with micro finance organizations, women groups, rural banks, NABARD, SIDBI and host of other international organizations and like-minded NGOs committed to working with the poor. As such Thrive Solar does not sell the lights in shopping malls or in home depots in metros. The sense of owning the initiative by the communities resulted in the high success rate of Thrive Solar's projects. 
Thrive Solar encourages business organizations in not only reducing their energy intensity by offering customized solar LED solutions, but also in helping the communities in gaining access to the clean lighting through CSR initiatives.

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