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THRIVE® ENERGY Solar LED Street Lighting Systems for better security in Kenya

Kenya Impact 01Name: Limo Santos 
Occupation: Business Man.
I am a shop owner and retailer and the solar streetlights are a New Year gift to us. The lamp post stands next to my shop and I receive maximum light during night which therefore translates to prolonged operating hours. Initially, I use to close my business as early as eight o’clock at night but now I can extend it till eleven o’clock. 
My income has increased by 20% since the installation of the lights because of increased activity till late at night. Most of the residents feel secure in that there is bright light and they can comfortably walk to their homes without any fear. For sure, insecurity has become a thing of the past thanks to the solar LED street lights. 
Because of the bright solar lights, I haven’t   seen the need for security lights which has saved me a lot in terms of electricity bills. From this saving, I am able to improve the standard of living for my family.
Kenya Impact 02Name: Nancy Chelagat.
Occupation: General Worker
The installation of solar street lights couldn’t have   at a better time than it did for workers. Personally ,I do occasionally  work at night  and  once I alight at the shopping Centre , it’s always  well lit and I can go about my shopping comfortable and  go home without any fear.
Indeed, the face of our centre and estate has been significantly lifted and we feel like urbanites .This good feeling has made like my centre .It has also made me to increase my productivity at my place of work because I am convinced that we shall have more interesting projects that will benefit us immensely in future as a result of increased premiums.
Since our neighborhood is so bright at night, we no longer switch on security lights which saves a lot and we can utlilse the savings in purchasing the most pressing needs for our families.

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