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Impact Stories from Kenya

Impact Kenya 01Solar LED Study Light

The Solar LED study lamp that was gifted to my child has immensely helped to save my hard earned money on kerosene. He is now doing well in studies because he can extend his study hours in the evening comfortably with the use of the solar study lamp. 
Grace, Ekambuli area, Kakamega, Kenya. 


Impact Kenya 02Solar LED Study Light

Our children are gifted with these wonderful lights and helped prevent them from using Kerosene lamps. This is indeed a true friend and companion to our children and now that our children are now helping their mother to save money for not buying the mafuta (paraffin in Kiswahili). 
May god bless One Child One Light program for a great success ahead. 
Rev. Wamoyo Makanga, Child Sponsorship program, Maseno, Kenya

Impact Kenya 03Accendo Solar LED Home Light

The Accendo lamp has really saved me from the bad kerosene lamp and now I am able to save KSh. 750 ($ 9) per month and my children can now read comfortably and also lit my house. One of my neighbors felt that I have a Stima (electricity) connection from Kenya power as he was surprised to see the light lit my house completely.  
Philip Cheruiyot, Tea farmer, Kericho, Kenya. 

Impact Kenya 04Accendo Solar LED Home Light

Accendo Lamp has truly changed by business. Now I am able to sell in the evening hours (the peak time) when the workers are returning from the work to their homes in Kibera. I have completely stopped using the paraffin lamp for one year now. The lamp is really great, specifically the long hours of light. 
Peter Odhiambo, Vegetable vendor, Kibera, Kenya. 


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