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Evaluation of THRIVE's LED lighting programme by an Independent Women’s NGO in Afghanistan


WSEO ReviewMs. Haseeba from Womens Social Services Economic Development Organization (WSEO), Kunduz spoke to about 35 women from Kilai Gardana village in Char Asiyab district of Kabul on 13th April 2007 to take their feedback about the usage of the LED lamp on our behalf.
Questions were asked related to advantages and effectiveness of the lamps, cost effectiveness, health issues, and dangers of the fuel based hurricane lamps. Following are the questions and responses given by the women of this village:
Q1. Did every family in this village get a lamp. Is there anyone who didn’t take the lamp?
A. Most families got a lamp. However there are some who have still not taken the lamp for various reasons. (these are already covered based on the feedback) 
Q2. How many hours do you use these lamps for?
A. From 6:30pm to 11pm.
Q3. Are you still using Hurricane lamps?
A. Yes. We have to use hurricane lamps (one at least)  still because each family got only one light and this is not sufficient we need two lights per family. 
Q4. Are you using these lamps for light during dinner time or are you using for other purposes also? 
A. We use it for various other things too like sewing, needle-work and embroidery, and its very useful in the kitchen for cooking and other things.
Q5. Is the cost of using hurricane more than the cost of using these LED lights?
A. No. These lamps are much cheaper than using hurricane lamps as it costs approximately 20AFN per night for fuel in the hurricane lamps. Now because we have to pay only 40AFn per month for charging of these lamps. Earlier we could buy meat for dinner only once a month, now we can have it more than once a week.

Other comments about gas based light:

"If we use gas for lighting, we can use only upto 1 kg per night as it costs 40AFn. We need upto 6 hours lighting per night which we can’t afford. "

"In summer gas can’t be used because it’s already very hot and the room heats up much more because of the gas light. "

"If we forget to shut it before sleeping then it begins to leak and it’s very dangerous because while sleeping we don’t realize and inhaling the gas can even cause death."

Some comments and Ideas from those present

  1. One old woman asked - -  Can’t you provide two lights to every family?
  2. Another women asked - - When we go out at night its very dark and there is danger of insect or snake bites and now we feel safe with these lights. 
  3. Young women from the village used to do embroidery and sewing during the day time because they couldn’t do this after dark due to dim lighting. Now, after they have these new lights, they help their mothers in daily activity during day time and are able to pursue embroidery and other creative work at night.
  4. One 80 year old woman said that my eyes are very weak now, and because of these new lights I can study the Quran easily at night which was not possible earlier with the dim light of the hurricane.
  5. Another woman said that this light has is proving very convenient for us to take care of our children during the night.
Comments from Ms. Haseeba who conducted this session
Before I could tell the people about the LED light, the people themselves began to tell about the advantages of the light and there was no need for me to explain anything.


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