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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Thrive Solar’s core foundation and values are about being socially responsible and the very basis of our formation. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Thrive Solar’s business model and is the heart and soul of our work methodology. Thus, many a times, as part of its CSR, Thrive Solar facilitates provision of its products for free, 1/2 price, or with heavy concession to its partners and agencie who donate solar lights and products to those in need.

CSR Project Support

Thrive Solar proactively engages with stakeholders to examine and understand project impact and ensure success, sustainability, and long term benefits through technology transfer, knowledge dissemination and other activities. In this direction, parallel with every project, Thrive Solar helps in creation of a trained work force and arms them with the requisite technology, tools, and logistical support, resulting in livelihood opportunities for rural entrepreneurs from the implementation areas, where they provide the required servicing and maintenance of its products through solar powered service kiosks to ensure long term sustainability and propagation. Below are some of our recent support initiatives:
  1. Donated equipment to facilitate training and workshops on solar and LED lighting for children in remote habitations and villages across the country by a group of Independent researchers - Dipti Vaghela and Christian E. Casillas. This children have been introduced to aspects such as electricity basics (voltage, current, power, energy) and basic system design and installation  - View a brief presentation
  2. KSK energy donated 2500 Solar LED  Home lights and a study light for children for 2500 families of flood affected village  Rajoli, Mahbubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh, Thrive Solar supplied these lights and under their CSR activity trained 4 local youth and maintained 3 charging stations to charge these solar lights for one year. 2009-2010
  3. Free training for service and maintenance and technology support provided under CSR activity for FWWB project at Manipur. 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-2012
  4. Free training and installation support provided to various NGO staff for the Solar lighting projects funded by Green energy against poverty of Germany, at Orissa, Maharashtra and West Bengal. 2010-11,2011-12 
  5. Free training and installation support provided for ESAF for the Solar lighting projects funded by CHF International.
  6. Sensitizing Environmental issues and Solar energy benefits at various forums.
  7. Provided free training to the service maintenance technicians for the sustainability of projects at NGO’s, MFI’s, Funding agencies and Corporate CSR activity. List of the organizations and candidates (link to excel sheet).

Thrive Solar’s CSR Activity

Every year, Thrive Solar donates LED Lighting systems for not-so-well-to-do homes and study lights for poor children by organizing direct distribution worldwide through various organizations and agencies. In recent times, Thrive Solar has adopted urban slums in Hyderabad and provided them lights at subsidized prices and worked towards improving the standard of lives of slum dwellers. 
Thrive Solar’s humane approach and unique business methodology got recognition in the form of the CNBC-TV18-ICICI Award for being the Most Socially Responsible SME of the Year 2012.

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